Explorations into the short form


It occurred to me the other day that the main reason why my blog is so neglected, and why it is that I sometimes go for eternally long spells between posts, is because I expect too much of myself. Well, that and the fact that I already spend the majority of my days writing for money. But you’d think that a professional writer would always find time for personal projects. If I’m any example, that’s certainly not the case.

A part of me must believe that if I don’t feel up to cranking out a thousand words on a given subject – an album that just blew my mind, a movie that I wished I’d never seen, or some grandiose notion that I think you should read about – then it must not be worth putting the effort into.

Makes sense, right? Nah.

So I’ve decided that I’m no longer going to hold myself to any vague expectations of what constitutes an acceptable word count and what doesn’t. Maybe I’ll discover that I do better when sticking to some sort of short form writing style. Who knows? I could end up discovering that my lifelong admiration of writers who can churn out content that seems to go on forever was born of my inability to do the same. Whatever the case, I’ve made up my mind from now on to just say what I want to say and be done with it. Just like this.

If nothing else, it’ll at least make my blogs mercifully short and that much more easily digestible. I’m no doctor, but I hear that digestion is an important thing. Without it, you’re all kinds of screwed.

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