Shadows on the Page: Book 1

13 chilling tales and full-color artwork for lovers of the strange, the dark, and the otherworldly.

Creepy dispatches from the edge of reality. Typewritten missives from beyond the grave. A collection of short stories and dark art for lovers of the strange and otherworldly.

Shadows on the Page was created by writer Vince Font and artist Jane Font. Inspired by a shared love of the paranormal, the creepy, and the out-and-out terrifying, it was envisioned as an homage to—and modern-day mashup of—classic childhood favorites like Scary Stories to Tell in the DarkTales from the Crypt, and The Twilight Zone.

Shadows on the Page is available in paperback and Kindle e-book versions and includes the following thirteen short stories, plus accompanying artwork:

“Night Visit”

“The Thing on the Lake”

“Under the Killing Tree”


“The Darklings”

“The Mystery at Laughing Rock”


“Boomer, Once Dead”

“The Cemetery Man”

“Something in the Thicket”

“Howl: A Lycanthropic Love Song”

“Dead Ted”


​Click here to watch a video of the paperback interior.

​Paperback Details: The book is 102 pages and measures 5×8 inches. It is printed with color ink on 60# (100 GSM) white paper with a perfect-bound spine and glossy paperback cover. Order the paperback here.

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